What is a Lease?

As long as I have been selling cars, people have been asking me if they should buy or lease a new car. There is no easy answer to that question. There are times when you should buy a vehicle and times when the lease makes more sense. Some people shy away from leasing because they don’t really understand what it is. The simplest way to describe a lease is that you pay for what you use. Allow me to explain. Most vehicles retain about 50% of the original window sticker price in 3 years. If that is true and you Lincoln Automotive Financial Servicesare looking at a $20,000 vehicle, then a 3 year lease would cost you $10,000 ($20,000 x 50%). If you divide the $10,000 by 36, you will have a payment of $277 per month for 36 months. At the end, you would have the option of buying the lease out for the remaining $10,000 or walking away and getting something new. This way, you pay for the best years your vehicle and let somebody else deal with the maintenance that comes along in later years. This is a simple illustration of a lease and is meant just to explain the theory behind leasing. There are many other factors that go into leasing a vehicle such as Sales Tax, Rebates, Trade in Vehicles, and Money Factors, but I will go into that in a later post.

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2015 Lincoln Navigator is Coming!

FrontThe Lincoln Navigator debuted in 1998 and immediately redefined what luxury was all about. Nobody thought that the market for a large luxury SUV could be so ripe for conquest except for the designers, marketers, and engineers at the Lincoln Motor Company.  Prestige was redefined for over a generation and the Lincoln Navigator led the way. Still one of the most comfortable vehicles on the market, the Lincoln Navigator began losing market share to some competitors that focused on bling over functionality.  Well, the wait is OVER! The 2015 Lincoln Navigator is set to take the country by storm again! A classy leather wrapped interior, My Lincoln Touch, and a carry over of the famous independent rear suspension makes the Lincoln Navigator an unstoppable force. Combine that with a beautiful split wing grill, and tail lights that run completely Dashacross the tail gate, and you have a combination of luxury, bling, and functionality that very few can match. If that wasn’t enough, the 2015 Lincoln Navigator will come standard with the famous Ecoboost twin turbo V6 engine. This engine combines V8 power, diesel torque, and V6 fuel economy. The Ecoboost engine is expected to rearproduce 365hp with 420 lb.-ft. of torque at 2500 RPM. Couple that with an average estimated fuel economy of 17 miles per gallon, and you have just mixed the ingredients for the greatest full size luxury SUV ever offered to the public. The 2015 Lincoln Navigator is set to debut late this month. Contact us at Montgomery Lincoln 513-683-3800 for more information or to place your order.

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What is a Certified Pre Owned Lincoln?

maxresdefaultThere has been a lot of buzz recently about the importance of Certified Pre Owned vehicles, but what does it mean? A Certified Pre Owned (CPO) vehicle is a late model vehicle that fits a certain criteria that is determined by the manufacturer of the vehicle. The vehicle then goes through a multiple point inspection and is reconditioned back to as close to new as possible. The manufacturer then attaches a warranty to the vehicle covering any number of components and it is sold to you as not quite a new vehicle, and not quite a used vehicle.

That being said, not all Certified Manufacturer programs are the same and Lincoln has one of the best in the business.  A Certified Lincoln undergoes a 200 point inspection by a Master Certified Lincoln Technician. Then the vehicle is wrapped in a 6 year or 100,000 mile Premium Care warranty that covers nearly every component on the vehicle with a $100 deductible. In addition, Lincoln offers a free rental vehicle if your Certified Lincoln ever needs service and free transportation assistance in the event that your Certified Pre Owned Lincoln breaks down more than 100 miles from home. Your Certified Pre Owned Lincoln even comes with free roadside assistance and a full tank of fuel.

The winning combination of the Lincoln Motor Company, Montgomery Lincoln, and a Certification process that is second to none presents a value that is very difficult to pass up. Here is a link with special deals on the Lincoln Certified Pre Owned inventory at Montgomery Lincoln!

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Your Tires are your Car’s Feet!

Let’s talk about tires for a minute. 

20131212_111120How many of you really know anything about tires? Did you know that your tires can be bad and still have tread on them?

Most tires a produced today are worn out by 50,000 miles whether they have tread or not. You see, inside your tire are steel belts and these belts flex and get very hot every time you drive your car. Over time, the steel becomes weak and can allow your tire to wander under extreme conditions. This can cause a loss of control at a moment when you are trying to avoid an accident. The worst offender of tires that are worn our but have tread are SUV’s and trucks.

In the event that your tires are “looking” worn out, you can check them yourself by looking at the wear indicators. Wear indicators are molded into the rubber between the tread on your tires. It will be a small hump in the valley of the tread that is spaced about every 15″ or so. If your tread is at the same height as the wear indicator on you inside tread, then it is time for a new set of tires.

As always, please check for proper inflation of your tires at least once a month. Weather changes and corrosion inside an aluminum wheel, among other things, can cause pressure loss.

Incorrect tire pressure can cause uneven tread wear, poor fuel economy, and possible tire failure.  If you don’t have a tire gauge or just want a professional to take a look at your tires, please don’t hesitate to stop by Montgomery Lincoln.  Greg Seiter or Roger Henson happy to check your tires for you.  If you want to call ahead, just call 513-683-3800.

A wise man once said “Your tires are the only thing that should be full of hot air!” Happy Motoring!! :-)

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